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Our Unix timestamp converter is a simple and efficient tool that can convert any Unix timestamp to a human-readable date and time format. No more manual conversions or struggling to make sense of unintelligible dates, paste below your Unix timestamp to convert it to a human readable date format.


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Historic Dates as Timestamps

Timestamps don't have to be boring! We've collected some of history's most important dates and converted them to timestamps!

Event Approx. Date and Time (UTC) Unix Timestamp
First official release of PHP 8th June 1995, 08:00 802598400
PHP 8.0 release 26th November 2020, 18:03 1606416180
PHP 8.1 release 23rd November 2021, 18:52 1637697120
PHP 8.2 release 6th December 2022, 13:44 1670334240
PHP 8.3 release 23rd November 2023, 18:00 1700762400
Official release of phpMyAdmin 9th September 1998 905302800
England wins FIFA World Cup (before Unix epoch) 30th July 1966, 17:15 -108027900
NASA's Perseverance rover lands on Mars 18th February 2021, 20:55 1613681700

What is Epoch?

The term epoch is a reference point in time from which time is measured in computing systems and programming languages, just like PHP. It is used as a starting point for calculating time, in second intervals. There are different epochs available but the most common and the one PHP uses is the Unix epoch.

Unix timestamp to human date

Unix timestamp is the measurement used to determine a point in time within a computer, in a numerical format. A timestamp, simply put, is the number of seconds that have past since an agreed date which that date is, the 1st January 1970 00:00:00 UTC. From this point onwards, computers know that since this date to give the exact time now.

As developers (PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, etc.) reading a timestamp is very difficult without converting it to a human-readable format first. The good thing about timestamps is that you're able to convert them into any human readable format. American date style, British style, or maybe just the date or time.

This tool is handy if you want to take your timestamp and convert it so it's readable. Also, we display the current time alongside the current timestamp now. This automatically updates every second on this page, so you don't have to refresh. Use the time() function in PHP to output the current time displayed as a timestamp.

UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

The UTC timezone is the primary time standard used worldwide and is accurately regulated with leap seconds. UTC serves as the foundation for determining time in other timezones around the world, offset by +/- one hour. If a timezone requires an offset that is not a whole hour it is expressed by a combination of whole hours and minutes.

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

The GMT timezone is based on the solar time at Prime Meridian in Greenwich, London, UK. It separates East from West similarly to how the Equator separates North from South. The Greenwich Meridian line runs at Longitude 0° and is housed at the Royal Observatory. Since 1972, UTC replaced GMT as the international standard of civil time.

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