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What is Serialize in PHP?

Serialization in PHP involves converting a data structure into a format that is easily storable and transmittable. This format can be later reconstructed into the original data structure without any loss of data. This process proves particularly useful when you need to transmit data over a network or store it in a database, a practice common in frameworks like WordPress. PHP offers two key functions, serialize() and unserialize(), to accomplish this task. It's worth noting that serialized data in PHP isn't designed for human readability; rather, it prioritises efficient storage. If human readability is your priority, alternatives like JSON might be more suitable.

JSON vs Serialize

JSON and serialized data are both data formats, but they serve different purposes. Serialized data is optimised for efficient storage and transmission, prioritising space-saving over human readability. On the other hand, JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is designed to be human-friendly, emphasizing readability and editability by people. Depending on your needs, you might choose between these formats based on whether storage efficiency or human accessibility is your primary concern.

Interoperability of Serialize

Serialization in PHP is tailored to the PHP programming language and PHP applications. On the other hand, JSON, while text-based, and embraced by a variety of programming languages, and data transmission. JSON is much more common in REST APIs and a wider support notion of text-based communication through the web.

Serialization Security

JSON serialization often provides a security advantage by offering a safer approach against code execution vulnerabilities, such as the risk of PHP Object Injection, especially when compared to unserializing data from untrusted sources. This safety stems from the fact that JSON serialization typically does not involve executing the data payload to retrieve the original data, unlike the process of unserialization in PHP.

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