How Green Is Your Web Hosting?

Check if a website using green energy

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Enter your website below to see if the website hosting, email provider, and DNS providers are green, absolutely free. We will check to see if your hosting providers are using renewable energy to power their data centre. Discover your digital footprint and make a positive impact by choosing environmentally responsible web providers. Let's shift the web to a more sustainable future, and power our servers and datacentres with 100% clean green energy.

What is classed as a "green host"?

Hosting providers are classed as green if they provide supporting evidence to claims of climate-positive energy and/or compensation for their services. We're looking for thoughs who are neutralising the carbon they produce, either down to net zero or go beyond that and are carbon negative.

Green Renewable Energy Web Hosting

The internet is a vast place where countless websites, along with their files and data, find their digital home. These websites are housed within sprawling data centers distributed worldwide, demanding substantial amounts of electricity to sustain their operations. In fact, global electricity consumption for these purposes reached a staggering 73 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) in 2020. To put this into perspective, the average household consumes approximately 3,000 kWh of electricity annually, wow.

Amidst this energy-intensive landscape, a significant question arises: How many data centers and hosting providers are actively harnessing renewable electricity sources to power their servers?

To address this, we've developed a unique tool, the green web hosting checker. By entering your website into our tool, you can discover whether your hosting, email, and domain providers are aligned with renewable energy sources.

Our data is partially supplemented by the Green Web Hosting Project.

Is Dev Lateral green?

Yes, all three of our providers are approved green hosts and we're proud to be powered by 100% green energy.

List of green hosting providers

Below is a small list of companies that are classed as green hosts.

  • Google
  • Cloudflare
  • Krystal Hosting
  • 34SP
  • StablePoint

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