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What are disposable email addresses?

Disposable email addresses, also known as throwaway or temporary email addresses, are email addresses that are used for a short period of time. They are typically discarded after use and people use them for a short amount of time. They are not intended for long-term communication and are normally used to gain access to a resource, sign up to a website, or access a service where an email address is required as part of the verification process.

Why create a disposable email address?

For an end-user, a disposable email address can be useful to help maintain a level of anonymity or privacy by not exposing their real email address. This is great when testing services or signing up for an online service where privacy is important. By doing this, it can help them to avoid unwanted spam in their primary inbox including future communications.

Why are disposable email addresses troublesome?

Whilst they can be helpful to an end-user from a business perspective they can be troublesome. The main risks to disposable email addresses are security and exposure of sensitive data. Since the email addresses can be used by others they do not provide a secure way to send confidential information. This is the same when attempting to recover an online account where the user has relied on a disposable email address and later forgets the email associated with it. If your business relies on people creating an account with an email address, important communications such as privacy policy changes may never get seen by the user. When someone uses a disposable email address, it can be safe to assume they don't intend to use that email for long, and therefore their intentions of using your service.

How to prevent people from using disposable email addresses?

That's why we built this tool. Simply add the email address you would like checked against our database of over 160,000 disposable email domains. If it matches, we will let you know. Our list updates daily with hundreds added per week and to date is one of the biggest online collection. We never store and share the email addresses provided and are matched against a local database we own i.e. they are never sent to a third party.

Looking to bulk check disposable email addresses?

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